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PACFORT is a company specialized in manufacturing Engineered paper products, serving a very wide range of industrial, construction & commercial applications, our engineered paper products represents an excellent alternatives to wood, plastics & foams in fields like industrial & Transport packaging, media panels, construction composites and many other applications, the company brought paper to application areas paper never served in the past, helping to shift from environmentally harmful materials to a 100% recyclable products.

PACFORT recently Launched a specialized division for the Media & Visual Systems applications, where our 100% Paper based composites can replace wood & Foam in Applications like Exhibition Booths, Podiums, Shops Facades, Display stands & Many others.

Our Products.


Our Basic Honeycomb Media Panel, is an economic choice for Light weight applications.

10 mm (0.394 ") – 70 mm (2.77 ")

Standard Dimensions:
2200x1200 mm (86.6 ") – 100 mm (47.2 ")
2400x1100 mm (94.5 ") – 100 mm (43.3 ")
1400x1200 mm (94.5 ") – 100 mm (47.2 ")

Max Length
4000 mm (157.6 ")


Our Heavy Duty Honeycomb Panels with Modified cell size for clear V cutting requirements, suitable for Medium To Heavy Applications.

10 mm (0.394 ") – 70 mm (2.77 ")

Standard Dimensions:
2200x1200 mm (86.6 ") – 100 mm (47.2 ")
2400x1100 mm (94.5 ") – 100 mm (43.3 ")
1400x1200 mm (94.5 ") – 100 mm (47.2 ")

Max Length
4000 mm (157.6 ")


Our Patented Paper Panel with a core invented by PACFORT & a given scientific name of NDC core, the panel is an economical alternative to ICP panels and possess a superior mechanical properties, suitable for extra heavy loads applications.

10 mm (0.394 ") – 70 mm (2.77 ")

Standard Dimensions:
2200x1200 mm (86.6 ") – 100 mm (47.2 ")
2400x1100 mm (94.5 ") – 100 mm (43.3 ")
1400x1200 mm (94.5 ") – 100 mm (47.2 ")

Max Length
4000 mm (157.6 ")

Build Your Business With HEXBLANC & AH BLANC Boards Applications.

POS & Display

HEXBLANC & AH BLANC Board offers the perfect solution for brief retail exhibits, including point-of-sale displays and promotional campaigns, making it an excellent choice.

Events & Exhibition

HEXBLANC & AH BLANC board stands and displays are designed for easy assembly, with a lightweight and flat-packable structure that effortlessly enhances your exhibition area.

Shops Façade

HEXBLANC & AH BLANC board, you have the flexibility to create a customized retail environment that not only attracts customers but also effectively promotes your brand.

Studios & Theater Background

HEXBLANC & AH BLANC Board offers the perfect solution for Studios & Theatres backgrounds, providing a versatile and visually stunning backdrop for various creative projects. With its lightweight and easy-to-handle properties, HEXBLANC Board is designed to meet the unique demands of the entertainment industry.

Designs For
Kids Use

The lightweight and easy-to-handle properties of HEXBLANC & AH BLANC Board make it ideal for designing kid-friendly spaces. Whether it’s constructing colorful play structures, building engaging educational panels, or designing interactive games, HEXBLANC Board provides a sturdy and safe foundation.

& Backdrops

HEXBLANC & AH BLANC Board offers a seamless solution for your signage needs, as it is directly printable and seamlessly compatible with CNC cutters. This perfect combination allows for a wide range of customization options to bring your signage designs to life. Whether you

require vibrant graphics, intricate details, or precise cuts, HEXBLANC Board delivers exceptional results, ensuring your signage stands out and grabs attention. With its direct printable feature, you have the freedom to showcase your brand’s visuals, messages, and logos with stunning clarity.
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What We Do.

We Produce

PACFORT is the only Paper Media Panels producers with Multiple locations covering most of the world , enhancing the lead time and security of supply continuity.

We Design

In Addition to our own design Team , PACFORT cooperates with Top designers worldwide specialized in Paper Panels based designs.

We Fabricate

PACFORT has partnered with Local production houses all over the world for the Printing , Cutting & Final production.


Production Locations




Media Production Partners



Our Offices.


Pacfort GmbH. Alt Konig Strasse 7 Niederdorfelden Frankfurt Am Main Germany – 61138


Street 59, Al Kharj Industrial city, Riyadh 11499, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Modern Emirates Industrial Area – Umm Al Quwain – P.O Box: 2849


Akse Mahallesi 535. Sokak SAS Aritma Sitesi No: 7 Çayırova/Kocaeli

Switzerland and Italy

Chiasso Branch Via Gen. Dufour 4, 6830 Chiasso Svizzera, Switzerland


Rujm Al Shami, Amman Jordan, P.O. Box 5620 Zip code 11183